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Orimatla is the first Social Network created based on the “Tech For Good” concept, offering a healthy environment and rewarding users for conscientious use of the network.

Orimatla has been developing its business infrastructure by employing appropriate elements of blockchain technology, along with a sustainable economic model based on decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and protocols, while also supporting initiatives related to Regenerative Finance (ReFi) to address environmental challenges.

By emphasizing the connection between content creators and brands in the market as the main objective of the platform, Orimatla dismisses the traditional premise where users, their data, and their behavior are treated as products provided by social networks to their clients. It establishes a new paradigm where the effective contribution of each participant to the healthy growth of the network is rewarded fairly and transparently, with full respect for user data.

By refraining from data handling in accordance with the defined core architecture for the implementation of decentralized identity (DIDs), Orimatla reinforces its commitment and respect for the personality rights of each network member and their adherence to the inherent principles of Web 3.0. This approach stimulates the consumption and production of relevant content by participants, while also providing practical resources to encourage partnerships between brands and Creators, always through the use of protocols that prioritize integrity, preferences, and information preservation.

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