Devel Blockchain

We are a software factory specializing in decentralized solutions. Count on us to:

  Web Systems and Applications
  Creating Tokens and Smart Contracts
  Integration with Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges
  Big Data, Data Analysis
  Artificial intelligence

What we do

We develop high-impact solutions in the new era of technology. We listen to you and create innovative products that are right for your business.

Experience 1

Web Systems and Applications

We produce applications and web systems with more security and scalability to take your business to the next level.

Experience 2

Tokens and Smart Contracts

We create exclusive tokens and smart contracts for your business, ensuring more security, transparency and authenticity.

Experience 3

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges

Automate processes and build interactions that are safer, more scalable and less costly.




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Our services

We bring innovative technologies to your business

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Specialized hardware

Creation of electronic devices to solve individual problems of each company.

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Internet of Things

Connection created between physical objects and the internet to transmit information and generate specific activities.

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Smart Contracts

Computational protocols on the blockchain that serve the same purposes as traditional contractual instruments.

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Virtual currencies used in the online environment, created using blockchain technology.

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Represents a digital asset issued from smart contract technology.

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Distributed data logging technology targeting decentralization as a security measure.

Create a technological difference with us

Devel Blockchain has a unique creation process, multidisciplinary professionals and several partners around the world. Our authoring methodology uses agile software development best practices, automated testing, and a repertoire of ready-made codes to accelerate your product.

Our Cases

Projects & Clients


Hardware Wallet

Low-cost hardware Wallet compatible with the main crypto assets on the market. Launching soon.


Secure ICO

SICO is an implementation of a DAICO, a smart contract that interacts with a Dapp to make fundraising from an ICO safer for investors. The idea was suggested by Vitalik

Software ERP

Tudok Software

It is a complete ERP system to manage Bars, Restaurants and Pizzerias. It has several features such as issuing invoices, online menu and reports with AI and statistical analysis of

Social Network


A decentralized social network with cryptocurrency rewards. Launching soon

App Mobile


BLU is a digital token representing a basket of 14 cryptocurrencies. BLU, like other digital tokens, was created on a blockchain with a specific set of rules. BLU uses the



Bywise is a cryptocurrency focused on scalability, instant payments, security and usability. It uses the PoW consensus algorithm, has smart contracts and is a new blockchain 3.0 made from scratch.

BlockChain for your company?

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